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Economic and easy to maintain, the Talbot Samba Cabriolet with its cute look still has many fans today all over the world.
Published by Francois Hagnere 106 months ago in Automobile History | +8 votes | 13 comments
The Dauphine looks like a Frégate but on a smaller scale, and this is a rear-engined economy car. Its design is a three box of the ponton genre. It has four doors, and rear bypassing windows. The line was revised after consultation of the famous designer Ghia who added air intakes close to the rear doors. The colours, namely a range of pastels and matching upholsteries were very modern for the time. As for its name, you will discover its meaning and beautiful logo.
Published by Francois Hagnere 79 months ago in Automobile History | +11 votes | 10 comments
Europe's ugliest cars. Britain's ugliest cars. The BMW Isetta. The Citroen Diyane. The Citroen 2CV. The Lada 1200. The Messerschmitt KR200. The Morris Minor. The Peel P50. The Robin Reliant. The Volkswagen Beetle.
Published by DeeBee 99 months ago in Automobile History | +16 votes | 10 comments
Glacier National Park is located in the north western part of the big sky country, Montana.Red bus transportation is used for enjoyment and safety for visitors during June to September. As a resident of Montana for 30 years, my experience, research and memory will serve as an excellent guide in both Glacier Park and about the red bus.
Published by Roberta Baxter 76 months ago in Automobile History | +22 votes | 8 comments
The DMC-12: If a Time Machine Should Look Like a Car, The DeLorean DMC-12
Published by deepblue 104 months ago in Automobile History | +14 votes | 8 comments
People spend thousands of dollars on cars. But there are some vehicles that are so rare, they are worth dozens of times more than your common sedan. Some very fortunate people have the money to purchase cars that are worth millions of dollars. What vehicle could possibly be worth that much? Read below.
Published by Harrison Taylor 81 months ago in Automobile History | +2 votes | 7 comments
A look at the history of the electric and its future.internal combustion engine
Published by Johnny Dod 95 months ago in Automobile History | +19 votes | 7 comments
A look at why some countries drive on the left and most of the others on the right.
Published by Johnny Dod 89 months ago in Automobile History | +18 votes | 6 comments
This unusual Saffron yellow Rolls Royce has recently returned to the ownership of the original Rajkot, Indian family.
Published by Judith Barton 97 months ago in Automobile History | +11 votes | 6 comments
The Bugattis were automobile designers, furniture and jewelry designers, architects and sculptors. Carlo, Ettore, Rembrandt and Jean Bugatti overview.
Published by Judith Barton 98 months ago in Automobile History | +13 votes | 5 comments
A list of the most expensive cars in the world. Some info about their price and road performance.
Published by Bill Savidis 92 months ago in Automobile History | +9 votes | 4 comments
One of the pioneers of consumer rights is the political activist Ralph Nader. He is a lawyer who has campaigned for consumer rights, as well as feminism and the environment. He has also run for President on numerous occasions.
Published by MJ5446 102 months ago in Automobile History | +13 votes | 4 comments
The truck is a vehicle designed to carry goods and passengers. The truck has a larger and heavier engine; more powerful with stronger suspensions than the conventional automobiles.
Published by Godwill 104 months ago in Automobile History | +24 votes | 4 comments
Although they stopped making these vehicles, they remained highly popular in the public eye. And one of the main reasons Ford stopped making them was because they were made so good. Ford built these cars to last so whoever owned them would make money off them in the long run. That being said, this car holds true to representing an American Icon. This car is worth value in decent condition and its history compliments its value.
Published by Cameron Davis 77 months ago in Automobile History | +9 votes | 3 comments
The history of the car industry. From its humble beginning in workshops by Daimler, Benz in Germany and in France Panhard. Henry Ford's assembly line developed mass production till today's electric car. The invention of cars not only changed the whole way of life but it grew into a powerful industry.
Published by Maria Hardy 82 months ago in Automobile History | +3 votes | 3 comments
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