So Cute Talbot Samba Those Were the Eighties
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So Cute Talbot Samba Those Were the Eighties

Economic and easy to maintain, the Talbot Samba Cabriolet with its cute look still has many fans today all over the world.

The Talbot Samba belongs to this category of cars offered by various automakers, but with a different presentation. Citroën have their LN/LNA, Peugeot their 104 and Talbot, their Samba. The car was manufactured by the PSA Group and first unveiled in 1981 as a three-door hatchback. It is based on the Peugeot 104 with which it shares the bonnet and tailgate whilst adopting the more modern Talbot look like on the Horizon. 

Based on this economic minicar, the Talbot Samba Cabrio was the only convertible created on this common body. The car was launched in 1982 at the former Simca factory in Poissy, one year after the three-door model. Two versions coexist the LS and GL. Designed by Pininfarina who created a number of convertibles for Peugeot since the 1960s, the bodies come from Italy and are finally completed in France. The engine is a 1360 cc with either 72 HP or 80 HP. The soft top is made of vinyl. It is actuated manually and present a plastic rear-window. Only the 72 HP version will be manufactured until 1986 when production ceases as the name Talbot disappears. Maximum speed is 163 km per hour for a consumption of 8.2 liters. This model will be evicted by the Peugeot 205 which will also propose a cabriolet.

The car was praised by the young drivers of the time who dreamed about it. The marketing campaign was very active in France and the name Samba itself matched so well with the eponymous music and advertisements. With its nice colors and various trim levels, with its easy maintenance and so cute look, even long after, it turns to be a very attractive car for collectors and nostalgic of the eighties.  The Samba with Bahia red paint and special rims was popular. A total of 13,062 Talbot Samba Cabrio was built. Many can still be found in France, spare parts are available but if you consider buying one, be careful, rust is the worst enemy of this cute little car, especially under the rear seats and in the trunk.   

Talbot Samba Cabrio.

Talbot samba cabrio

Image source:

Talbot samba Cabrio. Rear view. 

Image source:

A special version of the Talbot Samba Cabrio.

A Luxury version of the Talbot Samba Cabrio.

Image source:

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Comments (13)

What I like about the cars of the eighties is that they are so simple. Peugeot still has some cute but very elegant models today... It's one of the brands that I like and their emblem is so classy too! :)

excellent share friend, nice to see you

Thank you for your comments. I love French Classic cars.


Nice to see you here, keep it up.

Thank you Chris.


One would never have trouble finding a large enough parking space in one of these..:-)

Hi, Very cool article. The cars are funny reminds of Sandra Bulloch in movie Natural Forces (lol), Good write up Thanks eileen

These would make really nice collector's items. Nice article.

Nice article... those pictures of the cars makes them look almost alien to me... they look so old and so different to cars today although they were not built that long ago. Good little cars, I did have a micra a year or so ago but swopped it for a volvo, more sensible as the dogs had to be squeezed into the little car!!

Ranked #8 in Automobile History

Good work, Francois. You are the expert on French car design

A nice car in its own right my friend.

Thanks to all for your comments.

These are just great... they are definitely cute. Thanks!