The DMC-12: If a Time Machine Should Look Like a Car
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The DMC-12: If a Time Machine Should Look Like a Car

The DMC-12: If a Time Machine Should Look Like a Car, The DeLorean DMC-12

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             The DMC-12 represents one of the major milestones in automobile design technology, for all time travel fanatics it not only inspires some promising possibilities to expect in the near future but the luxury of fancying having gone back from it. Well, if I tell you I came from the future just to get back to the present and write this article, would you believe it? Believing isn’t of much significance but if some movie director with the likes of Robert Zemeckis could make out a movie trilogy based on this plot and make millions from it, that’s definitely something. 

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             Just figure it out, the first part of the movie trilogy titled “Back to the Future” was made with a budget of $ 19 million and gained a gross revenue of $ 381, 109,762. The second part, “Back to the Future II” had a $ 40 million budget and gained a gross revenue of $ 331,950,002 and finally the closing part, “Back to the Future III” had another $ 40 million budget and grossed $ 244,527,583. So mind you, if you don’t believe in time travel, the gross revenue combined for the whole movie trilogy ($ 957,587,347) should make your mind flutter. The overall budget just peaked up to $ 99 million and all that entire gross for a movie plot based on a DMC-12 modified with a flux capacitor and time dials was utterly the mother of all inventions. Well, no one would suppose thinking about travelling in time if he has the access to that sum of money. As for the DMC-12, it got the model number designation “12” with reference to its original basic price of $ 12,000 way back in 1981-1982. Current SRP for newly produced models is estimated at $ 25,000 and a fully equipped model could fetch up to $ 50,000. Not bad for a time machine don’t you think? 

John DeLorean with the DMC-12 by Wikimedia Commons

           The downside of time travelling had its effect to John DeLorean before even the acquired fame of the DMC-12 (the only car produced through his DeLorean Motor Company) could reap better sales. He started out as a young automotive engineer from Chrysler after earning his masters degree in automotive engineering at Chrysler Institute. Offered with a higher salary, he later left Chrysler after barely a year to work for Packard Motor Company before eventually leaving Packard to work for General Motors Pontiac Division when he was offered a challenging position. Years at GM proved very promising and he gained the position of vice-president of the car and truck production of GM before he decided to retire notwithstanding his expected eventual rise as GM’s president which is inevitable. Starting his own DeLorean Motor Company in 1975 proved to be a promising phase of his career counting his track record at automobile manufacturing but certain consequential issues at the construction of his manufacturing company from the choice of location to the timing may have been a factor that led to its short lived existence ending in a declared bankruptcy in 1982. Further legal concerns caught up with John DeLorean when he was figured up in an entrapment operation with the FBI to give in to drug trafficking issues as a desperate attempt to save his company, a legal case he was able to clear his name from before he died of stroke at the age of 80 in March 2005. 

Image Credit

DMC-12 with gull wing doors by Wikimedia Commons

                 The DMC-12 shot to fame in late 80s following its appearance in the “Back to the Future” trilogy. Bob Gale and Robert Zemeckis have made a well collaborated “time travel movie” plot based on a modified time machine wrapped up in a DMC-12 car frame. A far cry to the tumultuous history of its manufacturer and founder, John DeLorean, the DMC-12 would have been a perfect solution to his financial woes in keeping up his company had he only made to hold it longer and existing until the “Back to the Future” film made it to the theatres. I couldn’t guess the estimated orders for this car model but I could assume the gross revenue could rival the entire revenue earned by this movie trilogy. Things had been a lot harder for John DeLorean what seems a lot easier for Bob Gale and Robert Zemeckis. Certain amusing things in life seem to be the most fascinating; some people make millions out of fantasies (as for J.K. Rowling) and sci-fi films (counting the “Back to the Future” trilogy) while a few men with the likes of Charles Goodyear and John DeLorean have to make out the cumbersome, tedious and pressured actual work and endure the losses just for other’s dreams to be made possible.




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Comments (8)

Nice article about a cool car.

Great article

This movie and the car reminded me of my past. It really is a time machine.

great article, I wrote a halloween story involving a delorean once

Ranked #8 in Automobile History

Great title and excellent analysis.

Wonderful write as always Will! I had not realized it grossed so much in income. Its too bad about what happened to him but at least he was able to clear his name, it is amazing what people will do for something they believe in. Very enjoyable read, you have my vote and buzz as always!

You're really doing great here Will. GREAT WRITE!!! Thumbs Up kabayan.

Oh wow! Great article, Will. I've always loved the DeLorean DMC-12 and what a collectors dream machine. No doubt, the popularity of the Movie"Back to the Future" brought more fame to this awesome ride and will always be treasured by DeLorean enthusiasts. Great read and write!